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Cohors II Cimbria has members in Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany. So if you are interested in joining us or just want to learn more, feel free to contacts us by writing and email to: or send a message on Facebook.


You don't have to have to be fully equipped when you sign up. We will help you with what you need. And we have trial outfits you can borrow for the first seasons. First off is clothing; You need a wool Tunica, a linen undertunica (Subucula), a wool cape (Paenula) and pants (Braccae). These items are something you can make yourself (with proper guiding). Next you will be needing things in leather like footwear (Caligae) and a belt (Balteus).

Next item on the list is armament; Chainmail (Lorica Hamata) or plate armor (Lorica Segmentata), sword (Gladius) dagger (Pugio) and a helmet (cassis). These things can be expensive and we recommend that you ask advice on everything before you buy it. We tend to make things ourselves or to gather orders. Spear (Pilum) and shield (Scutum) are things we have in our central storage. Milites consists both of Legionarii and Auxiliarii.

For our milites we have a handbook, called a Vestimentum (it is in Danish):


We also have Civiles. We have a working kitchen, a shop, leatherworker, hairdresser, textile specialists, carpenters, storyteller, priest and much more. So if you have a special interest active in the Roman Empire 0 - 300 AD. you are welcome to add more to our legion.

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