For the Glory of Rome

Legio VI Victrix Cohors II Cimbria - Scandinavian Roman Reenactment Group

About us

Legio VI Victrix Cohors II Cimbria is a Scandinavian Roman Reenactment group started in Denmark, today also with a chapter in Sweden and members from Germany as well. Our group consists of both military and civilian reenactors. We reenact the life in the roman legions in the late first century AD. And convey the life of the Roman Empire and its relations to the regions north of Germania Inferior, the Cimbrian peninsula and Scandia. Every summer Cohors II Cimbria participate in events both in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. In the ”off-season” we research, lecture and are constantly developing our knowledge and equipment. Roman reenactment is a never ending process, as new archeological finds and new theories keep appearing and constantly change the view of the roman armies.

Scandinavia was never a part of the Roman Empire, but due to our many bog findings, where most of these are from the Roman period 0 – 350 AD, we have in Scandinavia a lot of Roman artifacts. Among these, the largest collection of roman imperial weapons in the world, outside Italy.

The tribes that lived here at that time - mainly the Cimbrians, Teutons, Charudes and Sviones were, from the time of Augustus and forward, apparently on friendly terms with the Romans - or so the story goes. As you can read in the Res Gestae of Augustus, that mention an expedition to these most northern regions in year 5 AD led by Tiberius. That is one of many reasons why we find it proper to do Roman Reenactment in Scandinavia. To us there is a forgotten story to be told.

Explore our homepage for more information on our group, Scandinavia in the Roman Iron Age and the Roman Empire. Follow us on Facebook, at Cohors II Cimbria - Scandinavian Roman Reenactmentgroup.

The Centuriae of Cohors II in Scandinavia

Centuria Prima Cimbrianum

Centuria I Cimbrianum is based in Denmark with members from Zealand, Jutland, Germany.

Centuria Secunda Svionum

Centuria II Svionum is based in Sweden with members primarily from Göteborg, Stockholm and Kalmar. Here at Eketorps Borg, Oeland 2021.

Recreating Rome

Testing history

Reenactment is testing the sources from history. Not only clothes and weapons but also f.inst. food and drink.

Exhibitions and films

The Cohors II have participated in making film, television and museum exhibitions. Here shooting film for SVT - Swedish Television 2022.

International Events

The Cohors II participate in both Scandinavian and international events every year. Here in Xanten, Germany 2018.

Lecturing history

The Cohors II have been lecturing at Aarhus University, The National Museum of Denmark and  here, for The National Guard at Army Base Skive, Denmark.

Realtime reenactment

The core of reenactment is getting as close to history as possible. Here second Centuria is trying out the trials of a Roman Legionarie on march.


An important part of Cohors II is our civilian members who apply life, shops, knowledge and historical crafts to our story.