Hail the Gladiators


Cohors II Cimbria is proud of presenting the best (and only) Roman gladiator squad in Denmark, the COLLEGIUM POTUS.

The members are all full contact fighter veterans, with many years of combat experience. Both from viking and medieval combat. COLLEGIUM POTUS is both male gladiators and one female gladiatrix. A COLLEGIUM POTUS match is always worth the money and good entertainment. The fights are with real iron weapons and it is often a bloody affair.
The COLLEGIUM POTUS is consistently training and working on the development of new gladiator classes. Today they count the Murmillo, the Secutor, the Retiarius and the Thraex, Provocator and more. Also a classic greek-roman boxing fight with bare hands is on the program.

For more information on Collegium Potus Gladiators: Facebook: collegivm potus

The Classes

The basic idea of a gladiator fight was to face different types of fighters against each other. The different styles or classes had all a benefit and an obstacle. A heavy armored fighter would be heavy and have a helmet with limited vision, a light armored fighter wood have good vision, range and speed.


The Provocator, or here in the female edition; the Provocatrix fight with legionary equipment. A legionary helmet, Scutum and basic Gladius.


A classic fight was between the Retiarius and the Secutor. The fisherman and the fish. Secutor equipment often imitated the looks of a fish.


The Retiarius fight with net and trifork. He is light protected but has range and speed as his forces.


The Thrakian often had a griffon on his helmet. He fought with a small shield a a boved sword called a Sica.


The Murmillo had a heavy helmet, classic gladius and a rectangular shield. Very common in the imperial period.


Another Murmillo outfit. Here with two gladii, armguards - Manica - and no shield.