Hail the Gladiators

The basic idea of a gladiator fight was to face different types of fighters against each other. The different styles or classes had all a benefit and an obstacle. A heavy armored fighter would be heavy and have a helmet with limited vision, a light armored fighter wood have good vision, range and speed.

The Classes


The Provocator, or here in the female edition; the Provocatrix fight with legionary equipment. A legionary helmet, Scutum and basic Gladius.


A classic fight was between the Retiarius and the Secutor. The fisherman and the fish. Secutor equipment often imitated the looks of a fish.


The Retiarius fight with net and trifork. He is light protected but has range and speed as his forces.


The Thrakian often had a griffon on his helmet. He fought with a small shield a a boved sword called a Sica.


The Murmillo had a heavy helmet, classic gladius and a rectangular shield. Very common in the imperial period.


Another Murmillo outfit. Here with two gladii, armguards - Manica - and no shield.